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    Safe and friendly cleaning services! We are pleased to offer only safe cleaning products for your residential or commercial property. We provide the quickest, most effective, spotless and most efficient results, every time!
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    Located in Edmonton, Alberta, Maid Easy Cleaning is conveniently situated a short distance from major highways, allowing us to service our clients very efficiently and in little time. When you need us fast, you can count on Maid Easy!
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    For all of your spring cleaning requirements, we only need one chance to really wow you! We are very confident that you’ll love our Edmonton cleaning service that we offer Satisfaction Guarantee.
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    Are you thinking of hiring a cleaning service for your home or business in Fort Saskatchewan? Why look further? We’ve been the preferred choice for many families and businesses in Fort Saskatchewan, so look no further.
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    Whether it’s a weeding, birthday party or corporate event, you can count on Maid Easy Cleaning services to facilitate in the special event preparation and clean up after the fact. Leave the preparation and cleaning stress to us.
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    Easy Maid Cleaning truly believes that our work reflects who we are as a cleaning company. As a result, we are committed to providing the best in detailed move in, and move out cleaning services. Being able to meet the expectations of our customers has become an asset in maintaining consistent quality at Easy Maid Cleaning.
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    Are your looking for a highly skilled cleaning company, with excellent green office cleaning service in and around the Edmonton area? If the answer yes, you’ve come to the right place. We have what it takes to provide you with amazing cleaning services for your office or establishment.
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    We know your days is busy with family, work, cooking, dog walking and we know there is only so many hours in the day. Maid Easy Cleaning specializes in Ardrossan cleaning services of homes, apartments, condo’s and office cleaning. Why look further?
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    At Maid Easy Cleaning Service of Sherwood Park, we take great pride over selves in ex exceeding the house cleaning expectations of our customers. We do this by offering a wide-variety of cleaning services that guarantee you get the house cleaning you deserve.
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    Once the dust has settled and you’re almost ready to move in, contact Maid Easy Cleaning to schedule your post renovation or post construction cleaning. We’re experts in the art of clean up and eco-friendly construction and renovation cleanings, and promise to make your home shine using natural home cleaners.
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Promotions / Coupons

In marketing, a promotion refers to any type of marketing communication used to inform or persuade target audiences of the relative merits of a product, service, brand or issue. In essence, a promotion is help raise awareness, create interest, generate sales or create brand loyalty.

Current Coupons

Cleaning Promotions

Maid Easy Cleaning is pleased to offer internet coupons to help reduce the costs of cleaning services for the price-conscious consumer. From time-to-time we offer a variety of coupons such as percentage-based or dollar amount discounts to encourage you to use our services. We often find that paper coupons are more difficult to distribute and redeem so we hope that these online coupons will make your life a easier.

Kitchen Cleaning Tips:

Cleaning you kitchen is never fun, but we can make it easy. As a result, we have compiled a few tips to make cleaning counters, range hoods, disposables, faster than you ever thought possible.

Use Tea to Save Your Stove from Splatters

Brew a pot of teat that is at least four times stronger than normal strength, then wipe it on your stove. That tannins in the tea will make it hard for grease and food to stick, making cleaning quick and easy.

Do it Yourself All-Purpose Orange Cleaner

Its safe to say that most of us love the scent of orange around the house, and we love this al-purpose cleaner made from orange peels even more. It works like magic on surfaces like counter-tops, greasy stoves, sinks, and all you need are the peels of a few oranges, white vinegar, water, a spray bottle, and a glass jar. Simply place the orange peels into the glass jar, cover with vinegar, and leave for a few weeks in a cool spot. Transfer the mixture into a spray bottle and add two parts water. Shake and it’s ready to use.

Used Baking Soda

Don’t toss out that baking soda just yet! Once its thirty day stint in your fridge is over, dispose of it slowly down the garbage disposal with running water. It will keep your disposal fresh for weeks!

Oven Cleaning is Easy

When it comes to keeping oven stoves clean, it’s important to clean up spills the moment they occur. If there’s a nasty, sticky mess at the bottom of your oven, sprinkle some salt on top as soon as possible. After a shot while in a hot oven, the spill will turn to ash and you can easily wipe it up with a wet cloth once the oven cools down.

Cleaning Top of the Fridge? No problem.

Ever notice how the top of the refrigerator can get pretty dusty and gross, fast? This is due to tiny food particles and dust that float into the air on steam and up on there. Make it easy to clean by topping it with a layer of plastic wrap each month. Then, remove the plastic and replace. You will barley notice it, and you never have to wipe down the top of your fridge again.

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Welcome: Start here at our welcome page or feel free to browse our many resources. We are Edmonton's preferred cleaning services company.

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Our Services: From carpets to dusting, special events and spring cleaning. You can count on Maid Easy cleaning to conquer any cleaning challenge.

Promotions: Maid Easy Clean is pleased to provide promotions which benefit our community, the people we serve and its organizations.

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Kitchen Cleaning Tips (continued):

How to Clean Stainless Steel

We will be the first to admit that stainless steel appliances look wonderful, but they can be difficult to clean. A well known method to help restore the shine is to use a small amount of Vodka on a sponge or paper towel, then wipe. Your stainless steel appliances will soon be sparkling again!

Buff up the Sink

Your kitchen is never fully cleaned without a clean and shiny sink. Use olive oil, baby oil, or an oil-based wood leaner such as Pledge over it with a dry rag or paper towel. If you will you sink look new and create an invisible film of oil that prevents water and food stains from taking hold.

Removing Cooked on Grime

Removing baked-on grime and grease from your stove, range hood or other areas around your stove can be a challenged. However, you can make your life a little easier, without using harsh chemicals and commercial cleaning products. Instead, heat up the surface by blasting it with a hair dryer. Once it’s warm, it will easily wipe right off with a soapy damp cloth.

Contacting Maid Easy Cleaning:

When communicating with us and for the best possible quotation and service, please be as specific regarding your cleaning requirements, as possible. We all ask several questions which include, type of building such as, a home, apartment, commercial property, etc. Frequency of service such as, once a week, monthly, bi-monthly, etc. Number of rooms, kitchens, bathrooms etc. Approximate square footage, number of levels, etc. Quotations are approximate unless stated otherwise. We look forward to hearing from you!

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